BeSingular & TiE

BeSingular in collaboration with TiE Delhi NCR, brings you the ‘The League Extraordinary Young Heroes’, an event that aims to give future changemakers a plunge onto the journey of creating transformational tech-based solutions for global problems.

The contest will be conducted in a 3-stage format, concluding in the participants coming up with moonshot ideas centered on the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDGs) and a final presentation to a highly illustrious jury.

Who Should Apply?

Any student aged between 13 and 18 years from anywhere in the world can participate.

6 solid reasons for you to apply
  1. An opportunity to step onto the global podium and shine
  2. An opportunity to engage with like-minded youth
  3. Access to a network of top-of-the-line leaders and specialists
  4. An opportunity to discover sought-after cognitive and learning techniques
  5. Exclusive workshops and training sessions conducted by hard-to-reach industry ninjas
  6. once-in-a-lifetime-esque learning and holistic growth opportun
Event Flow
Stage One : Build
  1. Here, the participant will be exposed to powerful ideation tools and methodologies that will set a solid foundation for the following stages of the event. Parents and community members can participate in this stage along with the child.
  2. Design thinking workshop
  3. Disruptive mapping
  4. An “inside-out” guide to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  5. Exponential Technologies- A game changing approach for the future
  6. Moonshot thinking mindset
Stage Two : Believe
  1. This stage will help orient the participants to collect and collate their purpose and mindset for the competition. This is also the stage where all the Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing happens, as common objectives take shape and teams are created.
  2. Registration Process
  3. Team Introductions based on common goals.
  4. Assignment of Roles and Responsibilities through Role-Play interactions
  5. Exponential technologies workshops
Stage Three : Breakthrough
  1. This is the showdown stage, where the learning and growth spurt through the course of the event is put to test in a very grand and very real way. The child is equipped with the final pieces of learning and resources to get fully prepared to create real solutions to real world problems, and make their epic move towards victory!
  2. Idea submission
  3. Idea shortlisting
  4. Jury discussions and decision
  • Monetary Prize
  • International Certification from Germany
  • Exclusive Features On Our Social-Media Handles
Important Dates And Registration
Registration Ends
21st January 2021
Workshop Sessions
(5 Sessions, 1 Hour Each)
27th January 2021 – 10th February 2021
11th April 2021
15th April 2021
28th April 2021

India: ₹ 2999/- Plus GST

International: $ 100/-

Jury Members
Navyug Mohnot
Navyug Mohnot

CEO, QAI Global

Carsten Fuchs
Carsten Fuchs

Managing Director, BEAS Technology GmbH

Nitesh Jain
Nitesh Jain

Founder & CEO, BeSingular

India: ₹ 2999/- Plus GST

International: $ 100/-

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