BeSingular is an EdTech company.

It is a platform that provides critical future skills through an immersive and interdisciplinary set of courses. We equip our learners with future fluencies, exponential technologies, new competencies and pivotal values that inspires them to create a positive impact for human flourishing. Our globally-collated curriculum has been developed by industry specialists, and yields a radically creative mindset, empathy, compassion, self-transcendence, intelligent optimism and moonshot thinking. In fewer words, we go much beyond “imparting information”, we impart a formula for future success!

The programs at BeSingular focus on not only preparing the young minds for a desirable and exciting future, but also inspire them to create it. We teach exponential technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Text & Visual Based Scripting, Robotics, Game Design, Internet of Things (IoT), Drones, 3D printing, iOS App Development, Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR). Knowledge of these skills are critical for the next generation to succeed, irrespective of the careers they choose to build for themselves.

BeSingular imparts education on topics that are beyond the traditional school curriculum but are essential to make an individual ready for the world that’s evolving rapidly. Our curriculum is curated with the primary goal of testing the abilities of a learner’s mind that leaves them intrigued, and plants a desire in them to learn more!


Founded by Nitesh Jain, an alumnus of Harvard Business School and Singularity University, who has extensive experience in building and running successful organizations in Manufacturing, Education and High Technology areas in India and Europe.

Across the sectors, these organizations have continuously developed and deployed cutting edge technologies. These practical experiences from the teams in Germany and India provides unparallel opportunities to create a highly dynamic and practical curriculum at BeSingular. During this journey, he made his mission to bring the most modern teaching pedagogy to empower the Gen-Z with tools and techniques that will shape their thinking and help them to be innovators and creators of solutions that can help humanity.

The BeSingular team is supremely enthusiastic. It comprises of an excellent management team, board members and panelists who have been hand-picked from leading companies, sectors and universities around the world, with a mission to make BeSingular an exclusive, reputed and a distinctive organisation.


Live Assessments and Mentoring Sessions


World-class Resources and Technical Know-how of the Industry


Regular Industry-visits for first-hand Experience


Real-life Projects for a Practical Leap


BeSingular is a unique learning platform that skills the next generation to create a real and responsible impact by working with the technologies of the future.

At BeSingular, we honor each learner’s uniqueness and individuality. We aim to be quality obsessed, radically innovative and explorative, by providing a completely hands-on experience to the next generation so that they can ultimately become big dreamers and innovators.

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