BeSingular Social is a Non-Profit entity launched by BeSingular. Our objective at BeSingular Social is to invest our resources that help in fostering exceptional educational experiences and learning opportunities for the families, underprivileged students or young inventors.

BeSingular Changemakers Scholarship

BeSingular Social proudly launches a unique opportunity that motivates young and promising students to showcase their extraordinary talents and skills to the larger world. With an impact-driven intent of allowing budding changemakers to broaden their scope, gain recognition and create an impact, we are proud to launch the “BeSingular Changemakers Scholarships”

Age: 9-18 years

Project Areas: We invite projects from students having a compelling solution that helps in solving real problems. The thematic areas that we are currently calling for projects are:

  • Accessible and Affordable healthcare
  • Affordable and Clean Energy
  • Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Quality and Relevant Education
  • Industry Innovation
  • Smart City
  • Healthy and Quality Food

Projects shall be reviewed by our board members and the top three winners will receive upto 50% Scholarship on all BeSingular Courses in addition to an International Certification from BEAS Technology GmbH, our German technology and certified training partner, upon course completion.

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