Level 1
  • Program:
  • Age: 8+ years
  • Lectures: 10
  • Hours: 10 Hrs.
  • Price: 8000

In the course students will be able to design algorithms and learn how to program using animations. During the course students will touch base on use of certain features of Artificial Intelligence. Bright visuals and engaging design enhance the learning process, making it easy for you to develop essential skills for the tech-driven world.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn fundamentals of Coding
  • Learn fundamentals of Algorithm Design
  • Understand tools to animate sprites and other elements
  • Develop understanding of elements – if-else statements, and loops, events
  • Develop games using Scratch
  • Exposure to age-graded understanding of exponential technologies like AI, Image Processing, AR/VR etc
  • Exposure to age-graded and relevant Mathematics and Science concepts

Additional Skill Growth

  • Computational Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Logical thinking
  • Creativity and Critical Thinking
  • Reading and Writing Skills

Course Requirements 

  • Access to a computer (with a Camera)
  • Headphones with microphone (preferred)
  • Ability to understand lesson and course material in English
  • Broadband Internet (preferred >2 Mbps)
  • Eager to learn and have fun


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