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  •  26 August 2020

The edtech sector has been providing interactive and flexible learning tools to help children. NITESH JAIN tells you how one can make it a lucrative option

India’s education-technology sector has been divided into three categories: K-12 segment, competitive exam preparation, and the career guidance segment. The sector has been providing interactive and flexible learning tools to children at a young age to help them prepare for a better future. These tools and applications are giving career guidance, upgrading skills, and developing their minds professionally as they are introduced to AI and machine learning, technologies of tomorrow.

The EdTech market players help students in learning more about their abilities causing them to understand their actual possibilities. They have specially curated courses in AI, machine learning, Neuro Linguistic Programming and different calculations alongside information and aptitude from subject specialists (area specialists), vocation guides, and affirmed teachers.

They permit students to settle on educated choices with skilled decisions through different tests and evaluations. The tests incorporate psychometric examination, investigation of their qualities and abilities. They utilise straightforward decision inquiries to break down the abilities, interests, qualities and shortcomings of students. The evaluations help the students settle on much informed professional decisions dependent on rationale, interest, thinking and conceptual learning that distinguish their special aptitudes than the regular ones.

Having this potential, the EdTech business has a great deal of open-door opportunities for those hoping to work or learn in the sector. Here are some of them:


For the individuals who love to educate, their profession is likely turning into a vocation in EdTech as of now. Since instructive technology is extending to almost all specialties of teaching and learning, the whole training industry is gradually incorporating EdTech services.

EdTech empowers teachers to utilise new tools in their teaching methods to encourage a more present-day learning condition. It makes programmes conceivable like student tutor, where students can guide and coach younger students from home workstations and learning applications. So, EdTech is making new adaptable employment setup and extending the opportunities.

Instructional Designer

Course designers join EdTech to create learning materials or full courses for explicit subjects.

A decent course creator will have the option to make an engaging video/audio and guidelines to make learning material engaging, compelling, and fun as expected by the students. This career option orchestrates explicit ideas on how the mind learns the best with more extensive information while making a charming and fun excursion through that learning procedure.

Teaching Technologist

Think about an instructive technologist like a combination of a teacher and education system with the correct projects and devices where there are or building those very devices when they don’t yet exist.

Teaching technologists are often employed by existing educational organisations or those that need to incorporate EdTech services into their homerooms, workplaces and so on. Work in this field requires wide information on what frameworks are available or in process, and how those could best be utilised to accomplish the objectives of the customer organisation.

Education Software Engineer

Programming specialists can earn substantial sums of money in EdTech. Dependent upon the age level that the product or interface is outfitted towards, EdTech programming developers should have the ability to mix complexity with ease. Various subjects will require different interfaces such as a digital anatomy course should be morevisually appealing while a creative writing course will require an interface equipped with spelling and grammar databases.

Some of the other most recruited jobs in EdTech industry are product development, content writers, UI/UX and application designers, sales experts and brand communication specialists. Organisations search for aptitude in the field of innovation, product, finance, technology and HR.

EdTech industry’s future pertaining to the COVID-19 situation

There is an immense need and interest for such upskilling career choices. EdTech learning programs are very well prepared to assist students with accomplishing their goals of acing these aptitudes and prepare for jobs which will become increasing popular through their growth years. One pattern that we are seeing during the COVID situation is the developing relations between traditional education players and EdTech organisations.

The development of EdTech resembles other industry changes. Innovation in the method of working at first; followed by a point where it replaces the current method of working with a more cost-effective way and ultimately by enhancing the method of working with higher degree of experience, that would have not been otherwise possible.

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