India Today: How to Choose an Online Course: 5 Factors to Consider

  •  28 September 2020

Covid-19 has drastically increased the importance and demand of online courses. But every online course may not be right for you. Here are 5 factors you should consider when choosing an online course.

Online courses are flexible, affordable, convenient and come in a variety of options. Online learning websites and online courses have seen a huge boost during the Covid-19 pandemic since schools and workplaces have been shut down.

Looking at the speed at which online education has evolved in the last eight months, it seems to be advantageous for both traditional and nontraditional learners. These drastically enhance their academic skills by providing them an opportunity to learn more about their existing subjects and expand their skillsets simultaneously.

But, here’s the deal — in order to make the most of an online education course, there are certain factors that a learner must keep in mind.

Here are 5 factors you should consider when choosing an online course:

Choose Your Topic Wisely

The most widely recognized factor when choosing an online course is picking a topic you have a great deal of interest in. In the end, it is a smart idea to pick up something that you would be willing to teach more than you are willing to learn.

This is significant because you’ll be putting a huge chunk of your time, efforts, and money into that one course. So, make sure that you invest your time wisely.

While going for an advanced-level course, it is important to check the content, its fluency, and the curriculum.

In order to make the most of an online course, opt for nontraditional and highly valuable topics in today’s day and age, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Programming, Robotics, Game Design, Internet of Things (IoT), Drones, 3D printing, or App development, considering their growing demand for future relevancy.

Check the Content Thoroughly

It’s useful to comprehend the kind of content and learning outcomes that are expected after undertaking the chosen course. In your search for the most-suited course, it is essential that you clearly assess the modules it offers are they guiding you towards accomplishing your objectives?

If you are focusing on upgrading your skill sets, it’s imperative to consider how the modules you study will assist you in overcoming any issues between your present capacities and the jobs you strive for.

However, if you are considering to upscale your professional exposure, it is crucial to check whether the content is in alignment with your goals and purpose.

Check the Level of Engagement and Interaction in the Tone of the Speaker

While assessing online courses, a significant factor to consider is whether the course was explicitly intended for online purposes. Does it utilize a top-notch technology platform to deliver the content?

An intelligent way to check this is by exploring demo videos from a variety of organizations and institutions. This will give you an insight of the course’s content delivery, as well as a clear picture of how an online course might look like.

If the course has heavy content with little customization for an online medium, it may not be as fulfilling and enjoyable as it may seem.

Your online experience ought to be instinctive, interactive and engaging, so search for courses that would give you a combination of all three.

Check if the Online Course Flexible

Adaptability is one of the fundamental reasons that students choose to take an online course.

It’s critical to consider your present commitments and personal duties and how an online course would help, rather than imposing an unavoidable difficulty on your shoulders.

If the online course provider offers an adaptable learning setting, it’s certainly worth exploring.

Check the accessibility of the module electives, the span of the course, compulsory requirements, a measure of the total hours of study required, in addition to the timings and frequency of the discussion sessions.

Analyze Your Competition

Lastly, it is important to evaluate your options. There are numerous online educational portals offering a diverse range of courses, but only a handful of them have a combination of all the above factors.

While planning which online course you should pick, draw a logical comparison between all the competitors, and then settle for the one offering the best, immersive and interdisciplinary set of courses.

Keep in mind that the best online education provider grants training on the topics that are past the traditional curriculum but are necessary for preparing you for the world that is advancing so rapidly.

Its educational programme would be curated with the essential objective of testing the capacities of your mind and will plant a seed of desire in you to find out more! If that is achieved, you have successfully found your dream education provider.

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