Higher Education Digest: BeSingular Presents its Newest Technological Wonder – The ‘Brobot’

  •  1 October 2020

BeSingular, an international tech education platform for children and young adults between the ages of 6 to 18 years, introduces ‘Brobot’ – a robot that’s been programmed and coded by Indian students, and operating in their Global Tech Laboratory in Germany. In the below video, you can see ‘Bro’ welcoming the BeSingular tribe by printing the company logo. The young BeSingular innovators performed “distant programming” for this robot, and have “taught” it to draw out the logo for the company.

BeSingular provides exceptional online programs in – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Programming, Robotics, Game Design, Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, iOS App Development, Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR) among others. With Brobot’s addition, the innovative edtech venture is enabling technological exposure for children from across the globe, who can learn how to program and operate robots, 3D printers, and work with live technologies from anywhere in the world. It has also invested in a tech lab, which provides students from across the world with first-hand experience and knowledge to use and explore different technological advancements.

Expressing happiness and excitement over his students’ latest achievement, Nitesh Jain – Founder & CEO of BeSingular ecstatically says, “it is very exciting to see our teachings being translated into successful projects such as Brobot. Looking at Brobot, it would be very hard for anyone to tell that it is programmed and being operated by 12-15-year olds. We are very proud. It is truly incredible to see how much these kids can achieve with the right training and resources in a very short span of time”.

BeSingular aims to give a holistic experience to children and young learners through its platform. It is now extending an opportunity to its students to physically visit its tech lab in Germany, and take their exploration to the next level. While there, they will get the opportunity to participate in events and work on live projects with BeSingular’s team of experts in what is designed to be a thorough and immersive experience.

The company has amassed 50+ years of experience in creating and distributing high-impact technology solutions. It actively works with a Massive Transformative Purpose to transform the education space in a way that positively impacts learning possibilities of the next generation. The world is advancing both, rapidly and drastically, is your child future-ready?

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